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CONG TRI BRAND DEBUT AT new york fashion week aW 2019

February 11, 2019

  • 2:00 pM  

  • Spring Studio, 50 VARICK STREET, New York, NY 10013

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Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO AW 2017

March 21, 2017

Vivid blooms carried by female flower vendors roaming the city with their bicycles provide a splash of color and refreshing distraction from the hustle and bustle of the modern Saigon and Hanoi. They usually wear large-size shirts or old jackets and traditional conical hats that provide relief from the searing sun. Their presence lends a nostalgic throwback to a time when the city moved at a slower, simpler and more peaceful pace.

The collection includes oversize and minimal designs in single color with huge hand-made embroidered flowers attached at the back of each costume. The designer used main materials of cotton, khaki, and PVC to create a sharp contrast with the unique floral patterns. There are unisex outfits, oversize coats, wide leg pants, workers’ jumpsuits and tank tops.


Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO aw 2016

March 15, 2016

Inspired by the grace of Vietnamese female farmers in the rice field in their traditional outfits, the collection offers a glossy black and deep earth tone together with goldenrod yellow hallmark. The designer sought to highlight Viet Nam’s unique Lanh My A silk, a traditional and labor-intensive fabric that gets its color from a specific tropical fruit called Mac Nua. The difficulty of harvesting the fruit as well as the months spending to dip, squeeze, and dry the fabric has elevated it to a national treasure.

The collection made great use of interlacing, weaving, fringing, embroidering, embellishing, and appliqué that honor national traditions with a contemporary Western aesthetic.



NOVEMBER 25, 2014
Symbolizing human behaviour in the virtual world, from colour patches to shapes on costumes are arranged randomly, cluttered, unstructured but, in fact, have meticulous calculations. Seemingly irregular improvisation, hidden behind is a plan, a conspiracy or sometimes a confidant that cannot be expressed in reality.

The material used for this collection continues to be highlight style of the brand, with meticulous and sophisticated manual processing, completely new woven fabrics and elaborated graphics on fabric to create unique material.



NOVEMBER 03, 2013
Rattan and bamboo, the material originates the familiar life and work of Vietnamese people. Cong Tri cleverly brought these very close details into his designs using wicker material on a hard fabric. The knitting details are repeated in more than 20 dresses. The highlight switches dynamically, at times in the body, some in the arms, the collar, the skirt legs. All are carefully calculated to form a whole scenery.